Saturday, April 24, 2010

I Alone

Please just pass by pretending not knowing me
Please don't even glance at me
On breezy storms like this
Don't offer anything to me

I've closed up my only heart
and I've hidden my only tear
Just like a stranger you've seen for the first time
Just pass by, you have to...

I alone spoke of love
and gave love away
My tears overlap while piling up my memories
Even though you're far away, please be happy
I will bury my love within the depths of my heart

Even though it hurts, even though it will hurt
I will never cry
This is not goodbye for the love in my heart
Even if this life ends, in the next world we,
surely will love again, we will surely love.

(나 혼자서, 소녀시대의-티파니)

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